Ever and again we have to hear plaints from liberal society about that Church works with youth badly and not many, and about that youth will generally go away from Church. About that Church works for charitable causes in a small way and doesn’t pay enough attention to another new fashioned liberal notification (from ecology to political activity).


Actually, of course, there’s everything: working with children and teenagers, also voluntary work, and various support for the afflicted ones. But all of that doesn’t satisfy liberal groups.

But on the other hand, we see certain examples of full unconditional following after liberal trends and the results of this following. Let’s consider, for example, maybe, the most liberal christian revaluatio of Europe — the state Church of Sweden.

If we flick through the pages of the website of this religious structure, we can find everything for a liberal soul: there’s a various types of voluntary works, and some sport camps, and also psychological aid for anybody from anything… But there’s one, what we never find — Christ.

But I wish the activity of the Church of Sweden was limited only by mentioned deeds. In the same time we also see the full indulgenceto different under-represented groups. Sometimes the messages from media about the activity of the Church of Sweden sound like a horrible sacrilegious parody. Now woman-«bishop» of Stockholm, who’s proudly called as «the first lesbian-bishop in the world», orders to take away crosses from cathedral to not outrage muslim-migrants. Then a sacrilegious image of tolerant «paradise» with same-sex couples is placed in an altar of one of cathedrals. Or under the influence of radical feminists the Swedish Church stops using masculine personal pronouns towards God in liturgical texts, or even one of the dioceses names the Church of Sweden like «trans-church» and fights for men rights, who represent theirselves as women, for visiting women changing facilities andtoilet rooms…

It’s all too liberal. Which other cessions to the «progressive» society can be made? Seems like nothing else can be more frightening. And what then? Did that reflect somehow on the liberal church attendance? Undoubtedly, it did: according to recent researches, the Church of Sweden loses parishioners insomuch as it will lose about million people in next ten years. These are the fruits of empty-headed and mad indulgence to liberalism. These are the fruits of expulsionof Christ and His teaching.

Do we need that? The answer is obvious.

Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova

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