Today the Church continues to follow the path indicated to us by the late Metropolitan Vladimir

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) told about the late Primate of the UOC.

Over the years that have passed since the death of His Beatitude Vladimir, we have had the opportunity to appreciate the era of his primacy.

Sometimes one hears reproaches against the deceased, they say, why he didn’t support this or that political direction, this or that movement, didn’t react in this or that way. But these reproaches come, as a rule, from radicals from different political camps. Namely, radicalism was completely alien to Metropolitan Vladimir. And these reproaches, in a sense, confirm his correctness – afterall, His Beatitude Vladimir led the church ship along the middle course, in the same «royal way», which Scripture speaks of, not deviating either to the right or to the left, not succumbing to the temptation to follow the momentary fashionable agenda to please the changeable crowd.

But, probably, the most important quality of His Beatitude Vladimir was love for neighbors, a peaceful spirit and creativity. The deceased Primate, like no one else, could unite people of different views and characters in work for the good of the Church. And even if someone began to be mistaken, His Beatitude Vladimir, with truly angelic patience, tried to instruct those who stumbled, always giving them another chance. His Beatitude could treat everyone equally, including those who had a different point of view. And no wonder even his enemies respected him.

Love, patience for neighbors, peacemaking and unshakable standing in the faith are the legacy left to us by the late Metropolitan Vladimir. And if we carefully follow the path that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church took under him and in what direction it is now going, then we will see with all clarity that the Church continues to follow precisely this middle path indicated to us by the late Primate. And it is especially gratifying that the successor to Metropolitan Vladimir, His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry, has the same qualities. And this means that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will continue its mission, despite all the persecutions, problems and difficulties.

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