A simulacrum of world Orthodoxy is being created before our eyes: Metropolitan Anthony

The events in Cyprus have borne witness to an indisputable fact that pan-Orthodox unity no longer exists.

The recent events in Cyprus have borne witness to one fact, unfortunately no longer subject to doubt. Pan-Orthodox unity no longer exists. Moreover, the Orthodox world is faced with a new and very dangerous schism. Its basis is the thirst for personal power, and the main tool is the willingness to disregard canons, truth and conscience in the process of achieving the goal.

Now, before our eyes, an incomplete and harmful copy of world Orthodoxy is being created. In this parallel system, such aspects as the perversion of the canons, the legalization of schismatics, concelebration with persons who do not have a valid ordination, and the violation of the conciliar format of church government are considered natural and normal. Everything that until recently seemed inconceivable and impossible.

But behind this reality, new landmarks are already looming. We are talking about the further emasculation of Orthodox ecclesiology, open concelebration with representatives of other confessions, compromise with the imposition of LGBT culture, etc.

Does the leadership of those Churches, which is leading them to the simulacrum of world Orthodoxy that are being created, understand that it will simply not be possible to avoid a further fall? After all, if you are already jumping into the abyss, then on the way down you will definitely not be able to stop.

Does the leadership of the respective Churches understand that participation in great geopolitical and political games has a price? For example, will they be able to refuse certain external forces if they demand to provide church support for the processes of promoting LGBT interests? Will they have the courage to say no? I very much doubt this, considering how some of the chief hierarchs have already caved in on the issue of recognizing the split.

Therefore, we should speak of the crisis taking place in world Orthodoxy not as some kind of confrontation between the "Greek" and "Slavic" worlds. Or the battle for the administrative church boundaries.

Everything is much more complicated and sharper. In fact, a big schism is taking place, which is drawing more and more Local Churches into the funnel of a system parallel to the present Orthodox world.

That is why the essence of the current crisis can be reduced to the struggle of those who want to create their own, convenient and in line with their own interests, version of Orthodoxy with those who wish to remain faithful to Orthodoxy.

Every clergyman and every religious in any Orthodox Church should understand this. And on the basis of this understanding, make your choice - whether to remain among the faithful to God or to compromise with your conscience and become part of the simulacrum of Orthodoxy.

Metropolitan Anthony of Borispol and Brovary,
Managing director of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church


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