The Lord created man with one single purpose – for communication, as His interlocutor. The highest honor and bliss.

The God’s Interlocutor

God is love. He created human due to His love to him. He pulled him out of oblivion, giving eternity.

Of course, the Lord is all-sufficient. He does not need anything. Being a perfect love, He always acts solely out of love.

Human was created by the love of God. The love became a connecting element between God and human, the meaning of relations and a form of communication.

It is not quite correct to transfer our human feelings to the Lord, to compare them with Him, but sometimes for a better understanding of spiritual laws and principles some comparisons are acceptable.

Let's remember our feelings when we were happy. We were overwhelmed with joy, delight, and bliss. At such moments, we wanted to hug the first person we met and share our joy with the whole world. We wanted everyone around to feel just as good and joyful. Love was spreading in our hearts.

This is a scattered example of how overflowing love requires an outlet, a desire to share with others.

As a result, the first people rejected Love and, in fact, preferred the battle with God. This war continues to this day, consuming souls, deeply wounding and killing.

How to return the communication with God?

At the same time, this is the most difficult and the simplest question. The problem  is that in order to communicate with God, we must lose ourselves. We are passionate and sinful, and we do not see the face of God behind our passions, we do not hear Him. Losing yourself is the most painful process, which is incomparable with anything. This is an everyday death and birth. The throes of conscience and the long-awaited consolation. This is a constant struggle with ourselves, in which we must lose. God must win.

This question is made simple by our sincere desire to the Creator. The Lord helps to overcome all these stages, supporting and protecting, "putting halm" and leading away from sharp corners, like a caring Father. The more trust and less resistance to God is, the easier and more direct the path to Him is.

The Lord is everywhere. His love is spread all over the world. And no one can privatize it and narrow it down. The Lord is beyond.

Isn't nature the face of God? Majestic mountains, green meadows, endless sky, flaming sunsets. The beauty of God's world makes us lose our breath. The soul sings a hymn of gratitude and admiration to its Creator.

Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova

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