There’re three steps of overcoming a passion.

The first one and most important is detecting a passion and admitting it in yourself. To be honest with yourself is necessary condition. It’s a 50% of the battle.

Without the attention to yourself, it’s impossible to detect and defeat a passion. But are we attentive to ourselves? As a rule, no. We often are interested in the passions of other people. We’re illiberal to their weaknesses and falls, but we’re lenient to our own sins.

The second step on the way to overcoming passion, winning over it is a conscious and sincere repentance, which logically leads to the next step.

Awareness of our own spiritual poverty, infirmity, impotence, which generates a cry for help. A prayer. And in this prayer, we must be like a paralytic who was waiting at the font for the Angel of water to be disturbed, so that he would be the first to be in the font and be healed. We must persevere in prayer.

This path was passed by the saints of the Church. It leads to the main victory – the victory over the old and the birth of a new person.


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