Why the world doesn’t need happy people?

Who is a happy person, and why no one is beneficial for people to be happy, explains Metropolitan Anthoniy (Pakanich).

The amazing paradox of our world: the world in words strives to bring happiness to people, but in fact by all means do not allow this. After all, a happy person is not interesting to anyone: neither marketers, nor politicians, nor psychotherapists.

The happy person cannot be manipulated, it is impossible to piss him/her off, cram him/her into frames, impose alien judgments, make him/her take unnecessary, unjustified steps.

Happy person means free. Free from fears and prejudices, other people's opinions and fashion. Such a person values his/her freedom and doesn’t violate the freedom of his/her neighbor.

Happy persons don’t prohibit anything, don’t indicate how to live, don’t advise without asking. They don’t see a problem in that, in what unhappy people see.

If they don’t like something, they don’t try to destroy it or fight it, they simply don’t accept trash into their lives.

There is always a wiser way: not to argue, but to remain silent; not to read, not to look, not to listen to what is imposed, but to choose for yourself with what to fill your life, leisure; get away from communication.

Happy person means wise.

Happy persons exclude from their lives everything that deprives them of the world, doesn’t coincide with their internal settings, plans.

Others never interfere with their lives, and they don’t interfere with the life of others. Happy persons don’t expect anything from others, they have a realistic look at life and soberly evaluate it. If it’s possible to influence the situation, they invest time and energy in resolving it, improving, in general, doing everything possible; if not, they accept it as inevitability, like falling leaves, autumn rain or thickening clouds.

A happy person sees no enemy in anyone. All people are different, with their own complexes and passions, infirmities and worldview. It makes no sense to be angry with another if he/she doesn’t think the way like you wants to, it’s absurd to waste energy imposing your opinion or proving your innocence.

Happy persons don’t amaze anyone, don’t surprise, don’t show themselves or do it for show, but do only what brings joy. Without anguish, suffering, whining, discontent and bragging. Quiet and calm, like the waters of a deep river.

To be happy means to do the right thing, in good faith, even when no one sees it.

Happy people change the world for the better every day – their little world. And this is their main feat.

Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova

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