Love gives freedom. It frees a person up from the fetters of passions and vices. Exactly these passions make us slaves.

God is love. And Divine love is present everywhere, in the entire universe. Without end and without edge.

We need to respond to it and let it into our lives.

Love is a gift of God, sent to a person from above. A person cannot know it on his own. Love is of a divine nature, and we can only catch its outlines, but not embrace it.

Love is given to a courageous heart that has thrown down a gage to everything temporary.

The Merciful Lord, seeing even our small steps and timid intentions, strengthens us on the saving path, comforting us with His love.

Exactly God's love, God's spark are the primary source of all manifestations of love on earth. This is the love between spouses, and parental love, and friendship, and charity.

Without the divine core, there is no true love. Everything else is an illusion and self-deception. Unfortunately, most people are content with surrogates that drive them into even greater slavery, having never experienced the saving and liberating power of love in their whole lives.

A sign of true love is a glimmer of bliss. It never awakes fear, does not hurt, but raises and liberates.

All our lives we must acquire love. And for our labors, the Lord will bless us with the gift of love, at the right moment.

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