Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich): No one can console better than the Most Holy Mother of God

Whom the Mother of God protects.

Everything that is connected in our life with the Most Holy Mother of God leaves an indelible mark on the soul. Her help is special. And prayer to Her is never unanswered.

It is impossible to be insincere in front of Her image. How impossible it is for a child to dissemble in front of a loving and trusting mother.

Pay attention: words addressed to the Mother of God always come from the very depths, take the soul and seem to compress it a little. Person will never forget this obvious touch of the Beautiful. Just one line of heartfelt prayer addressed to the Most Holy Mother of God gives a feeling of spiritual fullness and inspiration, peace and tranquility.

No one can comfort better than She. And many iconographic images of the Mother of God have testified to this for hundreds of years. People let the Mother of God into their lives, entrust Her with the most intimate, trust their destinies, share problems, ask for protection and a Mother’s intercession.

And the Mother of God becomes the Intercessor for everyone who turns to Her. She prays to Her Divine Son for us.

Without God’s grace, our life is like an undeveloped snapshot – faded and washed out, without light, details and contours. There is no life in it. Grace fills everything with color, shapes, sounds, and yet unheard of joy. And it is joy that speaks of God’s presence.

Mother’s care always brings real joy to children. They are waiting for her gentle words, warm hands, special attention and sincere conversations. They are waiting from work, waiting from everywhere. A childhood not filled with maternal love, a flawed childhood. Likewise, our life with you without prayer communication with the Mother of God is incomplete and forgotten by God.

Do not forget your mothers and always remember the Mother of God. Do not impoverish your life, do not deprive yourself of true love and true joy, childish, genuine, which will warm your whole life.


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