About Elon Musk, Bill Gates, human salvation, and the tower of Babel.

Over the last years, the world press dapples with sensational titles more and more often connected with an overture by just another billionaire about “making happy” the world. Now Elon Musk measures to colonize Mars, now he’s ready to chip the whole world population. Or, for example, Bill Gates who shocks everybody with his ideas regularly - now he’s worried about total vaccination from all sicknesses of the whole planet, then he tries to save the same planet from the global thermal by spraying some materials stopping the warmth of the sun in the air, and then he hopes to get rid of tornados by cooling the ocean, or he fights with malarial mosquitos with the help of special emission…

The modern media is arranged in such way that you can’t always understand how far everything that splashy headlines bring to us is serious. But you cannot deny one thing: the current thought leaders and rulers of billions feel like the almighty messiahs called to save this falling world.

However, it’s harder to see whether these ideas with global reach are dictated by kindness, or are they just another way to make more money.

But there is one fact to admit. It’s intoxication by their own possibilities and burning passion of almightiness by which the new “messiahs” are possessed.

It seems like those times, when people were sure of the science as the new “Savior” who would relieve humanity of all troubles, filed as a history. Of course, the science has solved the variety of the most serious problems (it has defeated pandemics, relieved of many sufferings, made human’s work and life easier), but it was creating new problems solving old ones: weapons of awesome destructive power, which can destroy the whole world, pollution of the environment, etc. And for all that, the problems of poverty, sickness, starvation are still not solved for the big amount of people on Earth. Then again, defeated miseries, like pox or plague, gave place to new, more fearful illnesses.

Now human very often feels helpless in the face of new problems despite technological advancements. There is more and more anxiety and despair in the world…

Why does this happen?

I think the answer is on the top: trying to relieve people of problems the new “messiahs” create new ones. First of all, because they saddle themselves with the Creator’s carriage. Let’s remember the evangelic phrase: “because without Me you are able to do nothing” (John 15:5).

All these global ideas about saving humanity, ranging from atheistic experiments of the early last century to the same in fact godless experiments nowadays, look to me like the Tower of Babel - such a magnificent, awesome technological, but in the same time barbarous and self-defeating creation of pride and self-righteousness.

The text was written down by Natalia Goroshkova

Опубликовано: Mon, 08/02/2021 - 14:12


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