Tips for the Christmas fast: the most dearest wish.

Christmas is always a miracle. It’s the joyful and bright holiday. Approaching it, the heart becomes warmer and warmer, faith revives.

It’s the reason to remember the most dearest wish, which will definitely come true.

The desire is to be with God. That way Christ mercifully keeps us by His side, with all our shortages and sins. We try to escape from His hands and tutelage, and He patiently keeps Us near Him, and we are the weak and powerless. We are full of selfishness and stupid thoughts. We’re rubbish at overcomingour pride, anger and irritation. He keeps us who drown in self-pity and despondency. Werecite the same sins at every confession. We’re unable to take up our cross and carry it to the end.

We make halfhearted attempts to escape, dooming ourselves to eternal orphancy. And He keeps. And He waits. And that's enough. Because there is nothing more to wish and look for.


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