The appeal from the Chancellor of Ukrainian Orthodox Church metropolitan Anthony (Packanich)

Dear brothers and sisters!

It’s been two weeks since the war is conducted on our much-suffering ukrainian land. Every day with big mental disturbance and pain we hear about mounting numbers of deaths and wounded people.

The churches, hospitals and houses are destroyed. However, the most miserable thing is that human’s souls are being destroyed. The war mercilessly hurts not only body, but also soul.

In these tragic days we obediently pray for stopping the feud and for the reviving peaceful life.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which always in the past, present and in future is with people, has beengiving help to all people who suffered due to warfares.

Thousands of refugees have found shelters in our shrines today. Our temples are always opened for giving spirit and reasonable help. Just now we can say that many of our bishops, priests and laypeople have given the example of evangelical sacrifice. Thanks to their works, suffered people have the possibility to constantly stay in the temples where they find a roof over their heads and food.

But nevertheless, we can't forget that the first week of the Lent is going on. The Primate of our Church His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufriy reminded in his benediction on this fasting that this is, first of all, the time of repent and praying. The main goal of fasting is to learn how to live with God in peace and in harmony with each other.

I want to appeal to our clergy, monks, and also to laypeople, who are in the tranches and who have such opportunity. Even though there’re external difficult conditions, even though there’re general worriment and anxiety, even though there’s hard work on assistance for suffered ones, I apply everybody for trying to keep the Lent. Except worshiping God and implementing the praying rule, I also ask at least to limit the amount of getting the information from news media and social networks.

I’m sure that such spiritual work, especially in today’s critical conditions, will become significantcontribution to stopping the war and reconciliationof all feuding sides.

We sincerely hope that by praying to our Most Holy Lady Theotokos, reverend fathers of Pechersk and to all saint people of our land, the Lord will help governors to find common ground for the fast stoppage of military confrontation and restoring the peace.

We pray that the peace would return to our ukrainian land and to people’s hearts, and that the Name of All-Merciful God would be glorified forever in peace and quiet.

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