Why do we suddenly get sad after the ending of easter period, lasting from the Easter till the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Basically, sadness is permanent human’s companion. Those, who don’t feel sad, don’t find salvation. Is it really possible for the soul not to feel down being divorced from God? After the Fall of Adam and Eve, human is driven from Heaven, he’s fenced off from God by sins. And he has been bitterly looking for his Creator during those times. And he grieves. He grieves by losing one blessed condition that was given by God to first people.

It seems that everything is fine, but a man feels sad, uncomfortable.

Sadness is the sign of a seeking soul. And anybody should drink his measure of sadness to the dregs. Sadness is an endless yen of soul for God. It cleans and appeases. And only God can satisfy this bright sorrow. Sadness and joy are two salvatory poles for human. Joy is impossible without sadness.

So, don’t be afraid to feel sad (you shouldn’t only revel insorrow and become dispirited), but we cannot stop grieving for God.

Blessed and wonderful period from the Easter till the Ascension reminds people about the lost Paradise. The nature exhalesfragranceand triumphs, the water reflects sky, the land soaks sun and gives warmth. The victory of life, light and beauty is everywhere. The Lord is with us.

It is no wonder that after the Ascension, there is a feeling of some desolation, and, therefore, the sad feeling. The Lord ascends to the Sky leaving us on earth.

After His glorious Resurrection, Christ was among people bringing the hope and giving love, warming them by His light. We were getting the warm in His Divine shafts.

And we’re alone again… And, at the same time, we’re already not alone. We’ve received the taste of eternity and we remember it.

Thanks to the grace of God we lived up to current Easter, and we’re meeting the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ. So, we will ask God for the big mercy — to live up to the next Easter. We will await for the next Resurrection of Christ with impatience, like the most wanted and long-expected meeting. We’ll start preparing for it just today: by feeling sad and glad, hoping, humbling, loving and waiting.

We will wait for that wonderful moment when everything that moves on the earth will respond to the appeal with a joyful readiness: Christ has risen! Indeed He has risen!


Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova

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