What to do in order not to devalue the Baptism of Jesus, the metropolitan Anthony (Packanich) advises.

The Inconceivable Mystery

The Ancient Church celebrated the Christmas and the Baptism of Jesus in one day. This feast was called the Holy Epiphany because God appeared incarnated to the world in His birth, and in the Baptism - as the Lamb of God, who took away the sin of the world.

This mystery was so great and insolvable that demanded an evidence from all three Persons of the Divine Trinity.

The Holy Spirit comes down on the Baptizand Son of God as a pigeon, and God The Father witnesses from the sky in the celestial but clear voice: "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him” (Matt. 3:17).

With and in Christ all Holy Trinity revealed to the world, ”the worship of the Trinity was made manifest”.

Nailed Down to Land

Unfortunately, customs and traditions displace the Holy Day itself sometimes, drown its true sounding. We can’t hear the voice of God in service’s anthems nor in our hearts.

His words are drowned by rabid concernment, perhaps He is sensed for a little, His voice breasts across the customs sent down roots to the land, that weight a person down to the earth, and that bother God to reach us out.

And the Holy Day - is the sky, celestial horizons, God’s words lingering everywhere and penetrating the space. The Holy Day is the opportunity to raise above day-to-day and fussy things. It takes our mind off from terrestrial things carrying along to the heavenly.

But a lot of people wait for a different feast and, as a result, the Holy Day loses its meaning, the value is being thrown on trample, and a person gets down to earth more due to that, moving away from the heavens, that is the air for the soul.

Neither rich dishes nor baptismal water can straighten lied flat souls.

To See God

The Baptism is the new testament between the human and God. To make it we must see the Creator.

We must search for Him in stead and stall. But before seeing him, a person should change his ways, shift his own coordinate grid totally, confess, in other words to admit his imperfection and weakness.

To confess means to turn away from yourself, from your egoism, sin, and to turn to God.

Because as far as we don’t recognise the fatality of sin and passion we don’t understand how we are in need of salvation and of Christ.

Once we accept Christ in our life at Baptizing we must remember that from now every our sin crucifies Him again, makes His Atonement vain for us.

A lot of people were christened unthinkingly being not aware of the responsibility of taken step, changing the life rules in 180 degrees at-times.

God mercifully endures our faults, our lack of responsibility and definitely none of our sins can exceed God’s mercy and His love. Lord loves us in so much that gave His life for everyone.

Whenever you are choosing between committing a sin, following your desires, or acting according to God’s commandment, remember His Atonement for you, think about the price He paid, and do not devalue this gift, do not devalue your life, and then every Holy Day will ring out in a different manner. In His name!

Recorded by Natalia Goroshkova

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